The first licensed private sector electricity trader in South Africa, licensed by the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa, licence number – TRD01/ELC/09.

Who is POWERX ?

POWERX holds a NERSA-issued license to trade power anywhere in South Africa, enabling the procurement of electricity generated from renewable resources, and sale directly to customers. The license provides for the use of the national transmission & distribution network managed by Eskom, but requires additional permission for the use of any municipal network.


POWERX is willing to purchase clean power from generators across the country, provided that POWERX’s conditions to trade in that particular territory have been met.

Lastly in terms of the trading licence with NERSA, POWERX is able to sign agreements with generators that extend beyond the licence term so long as the agreement is fully executed whilst the licence is still valid.

Distributors (Municipalities)

POWERX is willing to purchase clean power within any municipal region in the country provided that the conditions to trade in that particular region have been met

As we require the permission for the use of any municipal network, engagement is required with the municipal stakeholders to ensure there is alignment on the benefits derived from trading power with POWERX.


POWERX offers consumers the opportunity to purchase “green” power at a potential saving and the ability to meet targets set by renewable energy initiatives to reduce green house gas emissions. There is no disruption in the supply of power and no costs associated with the transition. Where POWERX is not able to supply power, the municipality will step in as the supplier of last resort. Furthermore there is no capital cost for the consumer, all costs are covered by POWERX.  

POWERX supply is however subject to certain qualifying criteria and administrative processes relating to the municipal account holder.

What consumers say about

Mondelez International

“Honestly signing up with POWERX was a decision to primarily reduce our carbon emissions. As a global company we have certain targets to meet in terms of environmental sustainability and POWERX provided the offering to help us meet these targets. We are now receiving Renewable Energy certificates for power procured and by buying renewable power we are making significant contributions to meeting our global targets.”

Dawie Fourie
Yum Group

“By signing up with POWERX, my business  has realized notable electricity cost savings and a diversity of supply. Furthermore, purchasing renewable energy, my business has significantly reduced its GHG (Greenhouse gas emissions). With no capital cost and minimal administrative changes, I would highly recommend signing up with this energy supplier.”

Liezel Higgs
Pick N Pay

“As a franchisor keeping operating costs is key for me especially in our tough trading environment. My main motivation for signing with POWERX was to save on the electricity I consume. The discount offer has created more cash flow for me and enabled me to invest into other areas of the business creating a better trade experience for my customers.”

Michael Gregoriou

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