POWERX delivers value.

POWERX creates value for all its stakeholders, namely generators, municipalities and consumers.This value is realised through the enabling environment created by the POWERX trading platform and represents offtake of power for generators, supply of “green” power at a reduced rate for consumers and an aid for municipalities in their drive to a “greener” environment and power independence.

POWERX purchases clean power directly from generators and distributes that power using the municipal transmission network, directly to consumers in the specific municipal border.

POWERX pays the generators for the power they consume

POWERX pays a Use of System charge to the municipality for use of their transmission network.

The Consumer derives value from receiving green power at a competitive price rate.

POWERX is an aggregator that assumes and actively manages the risks that both power generators and consumers cannot assume or mitigate themselves. What this means is that POWERX mitigates the risk of one-to-one transactions by maintaining a broad consumer base to which power purchased can be sold.