Electricity trading is alive and growing in South Africa

In one of the first of its kind transactions in South Africa, the electricity produced by a privately owned hydropower plant is being sold to POWERX, a NERSA licensed national aggregator of power. Bethlehem Hydro, an independent power producer (IPP) and subsidiary of Renewable Energy

February 12, 2018
Stimulating the production and consumption of clean power in South Africa

POWERX holds a NERSA-issued electricity trading licence which allows it to buy and sell power generated from renewable/clean resources, using the national grid network to facilitate such trade. POWERX uses the municipal..

April 12, 2018
What the energy landscape could look like in the next two decades

The accelerated drop in the price of technology, coupled with a tectonic shift in the political will of countries and global organisations, has created the momentum never seen before

January 31, 2019
There is scope for more IPPs in Africa, South Africa – SAPP CEO

There is a need to increase electricity trading to deal with imbalances in the electricity sector, South African Power Pool (SAPP) CEO Stephen Dehwa said at a South African Independent Power Producers Association (Saippa)

February 20, 2019