Electricity trading is alive and growing in South Africa

In one of the first of its kind transactions in South Africa, the electricity produced by a privately owned hydropower plant is being sold to POWERX, a NERSA licensed national aggregator of power. Bethlehem Hydro, an independent power producer (IPP) and subsidiary of Renewable Energy

February 12, 2018
POWERX a solution for the future

Makana Municipality has its challenges when it comes to subsidising Eskom. Warnings of electricity cuts have been received. Makana Municipality is in arrears due to expenditure being more than the Municipality’s revenue. Grahamstown residents and business owners add to the strain by not paying their electricity invoices.

September 5, 2017
S.Africa: Power trader applies for amendments to existing license

South Africa’s only independent renewable power trader, POWERX, has applied to the national energy regulator, Nersa, to add six generators and 29 customers to its license.

February 12, 2018